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Give us a call today at (661) 444-3030!

We are available Mon -Fri (7am - 5pm)


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Unscheduled downtime due to equipment failure and hazards is a waste of time and results in lost profits. Most of the issues that arise from equipment failure and malfunction are easily avoidable. It is well worth your time and effort to take preventative measure before a little problem becomes a big one. A preventative maintenance program is a schedule of regularly planned maintenance tests and actions with the intent of preventing breakdowns and failures. Finding and replacing worn components before they fail is the goal of preventive service, as well as predicting the life of existing equipment.

Electrical preventive maintenance is extremely cost effective and provides a variety of benefits:

At So-Cal Electric we want to help you avoid costly repairs and lost work time by finding solutions to issues before they become real problems. We partner with your Bakersfield business to form maintenance agreements that work for you. An agreement includes services that are specific to your business needs: diagnostic testing, schedule upkeep, cleaning, lubrication and other services you might need.