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The Role of Springs in Your Garage Door

Springs play an integral role in the functionality of your garage door. They're designed to counterbalance the weight of the door during opening and closing operations. When functioning properly, springs make sure your hefty garage door feels light as a feather when lifting manually or using garage opener systems.When these essential components break down, operating your garage becomes frustratingly difficult - if not impossible.

Facing The Challenge Of A Broken Spring Head-On

Spring repair is not a DIY job for most homeowners due to the risks involved. The sheer force held by these springs can lead to serious injuries if mishandled.Don't worry about tackling those tricky spring repairs on your own. We've got you covered. At Lucas Garage Door Company, our skilled tech team is all set with the right knowledge and tools to safely and effectively handle any spring repair job for you.

Telltale Signs You Need Broken Spring Repair

Besides being unable to lift your garage door smoothly (or at all), there are other signs pointing towards broken springs needing repair:

  • Loud noise: If you heard a loud bang before experiencing issues with operation – like gunfire right inside your house – then it might be due to spring failure.
  • Gap between coils: Inspect for visible gaps between coil winds indicating damage.
  • Crookedness: An unbalanced appearance indicates one side has given way while another still holds tight under pressure.

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