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The Importance Of Cable And Track Maintenance

Your car relies on its tires for movement; similarly, your garage door depends on cables and tracks. They might seem insignificant compared to other parts such as the opener or springs, but without them, you'll be stuck with an immovable barrier instead of a functional entrance.A worn-out cable can snap anytime causing injury or damage. But don't worry. We make sure that doesn’t happen by providing top-notch maintenance services ensuring safety while extending lifespan.

When To Call For Help?

You should ask for help when there’s excessive noise during operation – clanging metal sounds aren’t normal folks. Also look out for slow response time from your remote control unit; it could indicate worn-out cables or off-track rollers.

  • If there is visible sagging when the doors are halfway open,
  • Difficulty in manual lifting despite disengaging from motor,
  • Misaligned sections creating gaps along sides;

You got it right – It’s time to call Lucas Garage Door Company for cable and track repair.

Why Choose Lucas Garage Door Company?

We don’t just fix problems; we aim to prevent them. Our preventative maintenance strategy helps to head off small difficulties before they can become major headaches.Besides, our experienced technicians provide quick service without compromising on quality – because who wants a band-aid solution when you can get long-lasting repairs?

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