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We proudly provide our customers with quality, dependability and unique craftsmanship. We are licensed, insured and strive for 100% satisfaction in all of our work.

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We are available Monday -Friday (7am - 5pm)

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SoCal Electric is a BBB Accredited Electrician in Bakersfield, CA

Q. My lights were off but now they're back on. I guess I don't need you.

A. Wrong! If power goes out and back on by itself, it is a sign of a bad connection somewhere in the circuit. This is the type of thing that can build up heat to dangerous levels if not located promptly and repaired.

Q. But it's been that way for years, why change it now?

A. That may very well be that "it's been that way" but that does not make it right. A licensed Electrician is trained to know what safe and proper wiring is. When he is asked to repair something, he is bound by duty to do it right. Please don't ask him to do otherwise.

Q. I just need you to hook it up.

A. Many times we come across a situation in which some (often undisclosed) person has installed wiring in the hopes of saving money. Any "reputable electrician" will want to know something about what he (or she) is being asked to hook up. This may take some time to investigate, and very often if some violations are discovered, things may have to be done over again. (There goes the "savings.") The moral is: If any electrical work is to be done, it should be done by a Qualified (Licensed) Electrician. This often proves to be the money-saving (and time-saving) solution.

Q. What is the National Electric Code?

A. The NEC, also known as the National Electric Code, safeguards people and property from the hazards that come from using electricity and brings about the foundation of electrical safety.